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  • Marion County Jail

     Educational Services

    Direct-Filed Juvenile Students

    Marion County Public Schools provides educational services for juvenile students up to 18 years old and ESE students up to the age of 22. 


  • The Marion County Jail is staffed by Marion County Public Schools with two highly-qualified teachers.  Mr. Confalone, our general education teacher, has over 25 years of experience in the classroom.  He has certifications in Social Science Grades 6-12, Emotionally Handicapped, Mentally Handicapped, Exceptional Student Education(ESE), and Varying Exceptionalities.  Ms. Washington has her Exceptional Student Education certification and works with ESE students and their parents to ensure they are afforded their accomodated services.     

Contact Information


    Robin Bryden
    Transition Manager
    Phone: 352-732-1450 ext. 224
    School Fax: 352-732-1235

    Steven Luckey
    Lead Educator
    Phone: 352-732-1450 ext. 241

    Dwan Thomas
    Program Manager
    Phone: 352-732-1450 ext. 219