• 7th Grade Civics

    Mr. Vincent Pandolfo






    The White House



    Hello Parents and Students! Welcome to 7th Grde Civics! This year we are going to learn how National, State, and Local governments function, as well as trying to answer the big question: What is our role in all of it? One of the big goals of our class is helping our students become informed and active citizens. Students will develop a deep understanding of the Constitution and the core values that tit embodies, such as personal liberty, freedom, and the promise of a more equal society

    I look forward to meeting you and your students as we look forward to another amazing school year at Osceola. Please feel free to contact me with your concerns at any time during my planning period of 2:00 – 3:00 P.M. You may contact me by phone (352-671-7100) or email (Vincent.Pandolfo@marion.k12.fl.us)