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    Welcome Students and Parents,


    I am new to Horizon Academy, and this website will be a constant work in progress throughout this school year.  I have taught for over 15 years, mostly in Miami, FL. I first taught reading, then science, and now reading again as well as math.  I love all subjects, and there’s nothing better than helping others to learn also.  This is my first time teaching online, so I am sure I will be learning a lot from the students I teach.  We will all get there by helping each other, so please bear with me through this challenging time.


    Thank you,


    Mr. Canfield


    Read 180 and Math 180:

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    Step 1
    Log in to MCPS Desktop
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    Click on “programs”
    Step 3
    Select HMH Tile
    Step 4
    Sign in-students use student ID for both username & password

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    Assignments thus far:

    More info on MS Teams


    For assignments #2,#3, AND #5, on your own sheet of paper, write the number, the word, and the definition…

    Take a photo and submit by email or on MS Teams through the assignments


    Assignment 2
    1. Ordeal 
    2. Diplomat  
    3. Despair 
    4. Shard 
    5. Intent 
    6. Sibling 
    7. Scurry  
    8. Indignant
    9. Destined
    10. Conform 


    Assignment 3
    11. abandon – 
    12. indulge - 
    13. instinct -
    14. captivating -
    15. execute -
    16. tribunal -
    17. affect -
    18. dismay -
    19. indisputable -
    20. consort -


    Assignment #4, write a one page about yourself describing the things you like and don't like… Tell me about you… Submit by email or on MS Teams.  It does not have to be handwritten…


    Assignment 5
    21. fervent
    22. distinctive
    23. civilized
    24. egregious
    25. decree
    26. repent
    27. surge
    28. burly
    29. unbearable
    30. appropriate