Welcome to my class!  I am SO excited to be teaching you and the wonderful things we will discuss this year.  Whether I have you for Honors US History or Advanced Placement United States History, I know you will learn so much about what makes this country so great and what lessons we can learn from our past.  


    If you need extra help, I am available from 7:45 am to 8:30 am in my classroom.  I teach a class directly afterschool, so please understand if I don't answer the door if you knock!  Please be sure to use the various forms of communication to stay up to date with class.  EVERYTHING will be on Microsoft Teams, so please check there if you miss class or need to be reminded of an upcoming date.   

    • bethany.crawford@marion.k12.fl.us - email
    • APUSH Remind - text 81010 and then in the message type @fhscrawf
    • Honors US History Remind - text 81010 and then in the message type @crawffhs
    • @mama_crawf - twitter