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    Dr. Pierre's Video Message to Parents (Guardians), and Students... -

    Dr. Pierre's Video Message to Parents (Guardians), and Students...

    Dr. Pierre is delighted to have joined the Forest High School this year, as a first-year teacher at Forest High.  Prior to become an English Teacher for Forest High School, Dr. Pierre has taught for over 18 years, beginning with the Broward School Division, Prince George's County, Prince William County, and the University of Phoenix Online.  Dr. Pierre is an passionate motorcyclist, cyclist, soccer player, and a lover of cultures from around the globe.  I endeavor to build a bridge between parents and students, as we work to showcase the gifts of learning of our students via English 1, English 2, and the Dual Enrollment Program.

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  • Dear Parent (s)/Guardian (s),


              I look forward to meeting wtih you at some of the functions the school will be hosting this year, should the opportunity avail itself.  It is my pleasure to be your child's English 2/or Dual Enrollment teacher.  Of primary importance to you is your child's education.  I will not be able to do it alone.  I need your support.

              First, we need to be able to contact each other.  I can be reached most easily by email at, manes.pierre@marion.k12.fl.us.  Questions and comments will be responded to within 24 hours.  Though, there is a direct line to my classroom, I do not answer calls during class.  Call during planning period, before 7:30 A.M., during first period (Planning Period), or after 4:00 P.M., when students are dismissed for the day.  To get in touch with you, I respectfully request that you provide an email address and daytime phone number.

              Second, remind your child that he/she needs to bring paper and pen, or pencil to class every day.  In addition, your child needs to bring a 1.5" 3 ring-binder to class that will serve as the class portfolio.  Coming to class without the basic materials is unacceptable.  Self-reliance is one of the traits of successful people, and I want all of my students to be responsible for the basics.

              Finally, I am looking forward to have a succesful year with your help and support.  I count on you, as I have the honor of educating your child this year at Forest High School.


    Best regards,

    Dr. Pierre

    English 2/Dual Enrollment Teacher