Hello Everyone!


    My name is Mrs. Hinds. This is my first year here at Harbour View Elementary!

    •  I will be teaching ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies.
    • I am a motorcycle enthusiast.
    • I drive a modified VW GTI and BMW M2.
    • I have 4 Golden Retrievers, 2 Scottish Fold Cat,  Munchkin Cat and 4 horses.
    • I typically listen to hard rock/metal music and Black is my Favorite color.
    • My immediate ancestors are from Russia and Ireland.
    • I’ve lived in Texas (Sulphur Springs), Florida and Georgia (Kingsland). In addition to a few other countries.

    If you'd like a weekly update on your childs progress, I'd be happy to do so!

    Best ways to contact,

    Shannon.Hinds@marion.k12.fl.us or by phone 352-671-6110 ext. 52424

    Who doesn't like blue hair?

    Hulk   Arabella

    Moose Felix