• *All Culinary classes will be using Microsoft Teams to help keep our assignments organized, as well as a way to find what needs to be completed if a class is missed due to illness or other absence. We will also be using this platform for online students and in the event of any school shut downs.


    **Lake Weir Culinary is in room 6-001, Culinary students will be using the outside entrance to help with physical distancing. 


    (Please see Program Rules and Grading after Program description)  


    Welcome to Lake Weir Culinary! 

    Food is everywhere, and that means there are lots of different things you can do and be, from chef to event planner to food justice advocate to craft brewer to food business owner. Dream it and you can do it! We want you to feel the pride that comes with earning the honor of wearing a chef coat!


    This year you will have the opportunity to master the following skills: 

    • Prepare proteins, fruits and vegetables, cereals and grains, beverages, etc. 
    • Develop and execute menus for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, receptions, etc. 
    • Use and maintain industry-standard kitchen equipment, such as ranges, ovens, slicers, mixers, etc. 
    • Price menu items based on production cost calculations; manage inventory 
    • Maintain sanitary and safe food production facilities in keeping with government requirements 
    • Explore the world and all of the incredible food from around the world 


    Industry Credentials 

    Culinary Arts students can earn the following certifications and credentials in high school: 

    • ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification 


    Career Pathways 

    *List from American Culinary Association 

    Entry-Level Careers 

    Prep Cook  



    Food Runner  



    Buffet Attendant  

    Deli Worker  

    Retail Sales Associate  


    Line Cook  

    Cake Decorator  


    Technical Careers 

    Event Coordinator  


    Test Kitchen  

    Banquet Chef  

    Pastry Chef  

    Private Chef  

    Food Sales Rep  

    Sous Chef  

    Food Stylist  

    Hospital Chef  

    Restaurant Manager  

    Professional Careers 

    Health Inspector  


    Food Editor/Critic  

    Restaurant Owner  

    Research Scientist  


    Culinary Instructor  

    Food Systems Pro  

    Culinary Trendologist  

    Celebrity Chef  

    Executive Chef  

    Program Rules 

    Rule #1Respect: Respect each other, respect the instructor and respect the craft 

    • Respect Each other: Bullying of any type WILL NOT be tolerated and will result in a loss of all participation and employability points for the day and is subject to additional disciplinary actions in relation to LWHS guidelines 
    • Respect the instructor: Time is limited and we have a lot to learn this year, so please be prepared to learn as soon as you walk into the Culinary lab. Respect your instructor by listening at all timesboth in the classroom and lab settings. No mobile/electronic devices are to be used OR seen unless instructed to do so by the instructor. ANY device seen will be confiscated and will need to be picked up by a parent/guardian. 
    • Respect the craft: Culinary Arts is just that, an ART. Culinary Arts gives you an opportunity to create dishes that are pleasing to the eye and to the palate and to bring people together through food. You will have the opportunity to learn skills that could lead you to exciting careers anywhere in the world. Respect the craft by being willing to learn, participating in assignments and by being patient as you learn a new skill.  


    Rule # 2- Safety: Safety Rules MUST be followed at ALL TIMES 

    • Prior to using any equipment, students must pass a Safety test with a 100% 
    • Failure to adhere to any safety rule will result in loss of all employability points for the day, as well as disciplinary actions if the equipment was used in a malicious way. Safety Retraining and testing will be required to regain usage privileges*Participation grade will be affected until retraining and testing is complete. For example, if a student has to be reassigned to an area outside of their rotation, an automatic reduction of 15% will be applied to their employability grade.
    • In order to participate in Lab- hands on food production- students must wear flat, closed toe, slip resistent shoes- no flip flops, slides, heels, etc. Students without the proper footwear will not permitted to participate in lab which will result in the loss of all employability points for the day. When working with food students are also required to wear a hair net/approved hat. 


    Expectations & Grades

    Employability & Participation 

    • Participation- Participate in discussions, classroom & lab lessons. You will be graded on participation in all settings 
    • Employability-Be professional: You will receive an employability grade which is based on your “uniform” (clothing) hygiene and behaviors & performance within the lab setting. Your Participation/Employability grade will account for 50%  of your overall grade 

    Quizzes, Tests/Projects will account for 40% of your overall grade 

    Bellwork & Homework will account for 10% of your overall grade 


    About the Instructor 

    Hello! My name is Mr. David McGregor, or "Chef" as I am known by students and staff around campus. I have over 26 years of experience in the food service industry and received my education from the University of Toledo and the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. This will be my 11th year teaching in a classroom setting. Outside of school I enjoy travelling with my family- my wife & 5 sons, as well as watching sports, reading and eating & preparing great food! 


    Contact Information: 

    Email: david.mcgregor@marion.k12.fl.us

    Phone: 352-671-4820 Ext. 58958