• FSA Algebra 1 EOC MCPS Online Students Only!

    FSA Algebra 1 EOC MCPS Online Students Only!

    FSA Algebra EOC testing will begin on Monday September 21st and will continue through Tuesday September 22nd. This is a two day test. Session One will be given on Monday and Session Two will be given on Tuesday. Testers will need to arrive to the school prior to 8:30 a.m. on each day of testing. Morning drop off will occur through the car line and students will report to the Auditorium. Students will then need to locate a testing room locator in the Auditorium or a CAT Crew student to find the location in which they will be testing. Once the bell rings at 8:35, students will be dismissed by intercom to their testing locations. This is approximately a 90 minute test and students should be finished by 11:00 a.m. When all students have completed the assessment CATS Online students will proceed to the car line (in front of the Auditorium) for pick up. Please note: If you miss day one we will have to reschedule your testing session as you will not be eligible to begin day two. Please make sure that you bring your student ID from last year and make sure that you are wearing a proper face covering.
    Note: If you have a brick and mortar student, their first block teacher will provide them with a testing pass to direct them to their testing location.

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  • S3 Club (Students Standing Strong)

    S3 Club (Students Standing Strong)

    If you are interested in joining the S3 club, contact Mrs. April Rose-McCoy for more information. it is a faith based club.

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  • Book Club

    Book Club

    Book club is now open for new members. If you love reading books or love to get your nerd on, this is the club for you. Pick up club registration form in the media center. Dues are only $5.00 this year. Students online will meet with Ms. Pohlers via Teams video conferencing so those at home can still participate.

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  • Bowling


    Any girls interested in bowling. please email Coach Tucker for more information.

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  • Academic Team

    Academic Team

    We will start practice for the season beginning Sept. 14 from 3-4pm in Mrs. Treulieb's room A -167. Please email Mrs. Treulieb for more information.

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CATS Online General Information

  • Welcome to CATS online!  Be sure to visit this page often to get all of the updated information needed for your online classes as well as on campus activities.


    Class Meeting Presentations are below:


    9th Grade


    10th Grade


    11th Grade


    12th Grade


    Absentee/Retake Picture Information:

    Seniors that need to get their picture taken can do so on October 5th from 3:30-4:15.  Seniors can pre-pay for the session fee online at:

    Those Underclassmen that did not get their picture taken the 1st time may come on October 6th from 3:30-4:15. 

    Parents can Pre-Order Online Now!

     SWI link




    Go to:



Instructional Expectations

  • CATS Online Instructional Expectation

    • CATS Online students will follow the same bell schedule as on campus students. CATS Online students will adhere to same amount of time in class as on campus students and receive the same instruction as on campus students just in a virtual setting.

    • Attendance will be taken by the teacher at the beginning of each class period. For example, first period begins at 8:35am and attendance will be taken at that time.

    • Online classes will be the same duration as on campus classes with active teaching and learning through the entire period. It is the expectation that students remain in the virtual class setting for the entire class. Leaving the virtual class will result in being marked absent for the duration of the class.

    • Students will have time for lunch at the same time their teacher has time for lunch. The duration of lunch times will match the same time frames as lunch on campus. The teacher will be responsible for taking attendance again upon return from lunch time in the virtual setting.

    • The same rules and procedures that are evident in the classroom on campus will also be evident in the online classroom. Students are expected to abide by all rules and procedures.

    • If an online student needs to step away from the computer for a restroom break they must ask the teacher for permission and notify the teacher they are stepping away.

    • Cameras and/or video must be on for the entire class period as verification the online student is still present in the class.

    • Please dress appropriately for online learning.

    • Online students should create a work space free from excessive noise or distractions that will interfere with learning.

    • We are working to provide copies of all textbooks (online and printed materials) to virtual students.

    • It is required that each online student provide their own webcam. Teachers must be able to see students in their class to mark them present. The school will provide a Chromebook and Hotspot if needed 



    Please check back as this document is updated often.

Important Facts

  • CATS Online Facts

    • Orientation for CATS Online students and parents is the same as on campus students. Please refer to our Twitter page and WCAT’s You Tube channel for more information.
    • CATS Online students are allowed to participate in after school activities such as athletics and clubs. Announcements for clubs and athletics will be posted on the CATS Online website.
    • CATS Online students will follow the same bell schedule as on campus students. Please refer to the FHS website for the bell schedule.
    • Online platforms that will be used for instruction include Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, Zoom, etc. It is our intention to move to solely using Microsoft Teams.
    • CATS Online students may return to attending school on campus at the beginning of the 9 weeks period. Once you have started a 9 week grading period online, it is the expectation that you complete the 9 week grading period online.
    • If you need a laptop and/or hot spot, your contact is Mr. Stopyra.
    • Textbooks will be available for CATS Online students through Mr. Stopyra. A schedule will be posted and a Skylert will be distributed to notify CATS Online students when they can check out textbooks. Textbooks will not be available for checkout for any FHS student until at least the second week of school to allow for schedule changes if needed.

CATS Online Calendar