Ms. Ferrara's Intensive Reading

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Ms. Ferrara



Classroom Expectations and Culture 


Students in this class are expected to reach their maximum potential and strive for excellence. My class motto is "Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi 
Students are expected to work their hardest, communicate and advocate for themselves. Furthermore, the classroom culture is one that embraces diversity, individual uniqueness, laughter, and acceptance. Students are encouraged to make mistakes and learn from them, help one another when they are in need and ask questions when they need help. Our classroom is a safe zone, where an individual can express themself without fear of criticism. Student will learn that I have personally overcome a learning disability to become successful, therefore, with some work anyone can be successful. I do not hide any mistakes I may make. I acknowledge them, own them, and model for my students how to overcome them. It is my goal that each child leaves my class ready to excel and rise above any challenge that is thrown their way. 
Students must use their time wisely in class if they do not want to be overloaded. I stress time management and organization as those are two life skills that are necessary to be successful in all aspects of life. If a student is falling behind, they need to be self-advocates and communicate with me to devise a plan that will help them stay on track for success. 

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