Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Aida Darby

     Welcome to Fourth Grade!  I am very excited to be at Fessenden Elementary!  This will be my nineteenth-year teaching K-3.   In the past, I have worked as the ESE-Specialist, coached reading and supported students in

reading through pull-out programs, as part of the school's Literacy Team.  Prior to teaching, I worked for several corporations in accounting and finance.  I worked for the DoubleTree Hotels as an accountant, and at American

General Finance, as a finance manager.

     I have a Bachelor in Business Administration from Loyola University in New Orleans, LA.  I earned a full academic/needs scholarship within eight years of arriving to the United States and acquiring English as a second

language.  I attented Cal-State, San Marcos in California, for two years to solidify my foundation in the field of education.  I earned my certification in K-8, BCLAD-Bilingual, Cross-Cultural Language and Academic


     My biggest accomplishment is my family!  I am happily married and the proud mother of two children, Elizabeth and Kyle.  They are both college graduates and working professionals.  I couldn't be prouder!

     My teaching philosophy is simple!  Believe that you can and you will!  Be consistent, disciplined, persevere, and don't be afraid to work hard.  You will get out of life exactly what you put into it!

     I know this will be an amazing year!  We have a lot to learn together!