•  Covid 19

    As you have probably already heard, I have been diagnosed with Covid 19.  I will be teleworking from home as long as I'm feeling ok.  If you have not joined Class Dojo, I would strongly encourage you to do so.  This is how I will be getting information out, especially during this work-from-home time.  If you need Dojo login information,  please email me at Becky.Collet@marion.k12.fl.us, or call my cell at (954) 270.3493.  If you prefer for your child to have their class laptops and/or mobile hotspot, Mr. Hensel can take care of you during school hours.  I will begin online instruction on Tuesday, January 26, to allow time for parents to pick up laptops.  I have also set out the students' ELA Coach books, and their Math books.  Please let Mr. Hensel know if that's the direction you want to take. 

    I know this is a huge inconvenience for everyone, and I for one will be overjoyed when we no longer have to worry about Covid!  I will  be grading with grace and compassion,  and will not penalize students during this time.  I am looking forward to the time I can have all of my babies back under my wings!  Stay safe, and contact me if you need me. 


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