Student Service Manager: Mr. Eggers

  • Welcome HBE Bears, 


    We are starting a new way of learning. Your efforts to "be there" as a family member and as a support person for your student is greatly appreciated. We will get through this by learning together and adjusting as we go. 


    We recognize that it is hard to shift from the usual schedule and routines of schooling on campus to learning at home. Teachers and school staff are working hard to ease this transition. Please continue, during our online learning, with HBE school expectations known as BEAR essentials:


    • Be at your best
    • Everyone Safe
    • Active Learner
    • Respectful and Responsible


    We appreciate our families who are working at home with our students when we can't be there in person for them. We miss our kids. You are what makes us. 


    Please continue to take care of each other. We will get through this together. 


    Mr. Eggers