• I am the Student Service Manager (Dean) here at Romeo and I would like to welcome to Romeo Elementary School while we are Distance Learning.  Starting April 20th my office hours are 10-11am and 2-3pm each day.  You can reach me anytime by email. Just click my name here Mrs. Jeter,  and I will get back to you within 24 hours. 

    Parents I want to congratulate the many of you that are working hard to help your children with distance learning.  Teachers are doing progress reports this week so get your work turned in if you have not done so yet.  Remember that although we are not on campus together we are still Pioneers!  


    Pioneer Expectations

    1.  Be Responsible - Stick to a routine, do your school work,  sleep at night and don't flip your sleeping schedule, do your chores

    2.  Be Respectful - Listen to and obey your parents and officials, use social distancing, stay home, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.  Cough into your elbow not your hand.  Keep your hands to yourself.  Use the technology you are borrowing from school appropriately.  Do your work.  Contact your teacher at least once a week.

    3.  Be Safe - Wash your hands often, do not touch your face, no hugging, stay home, social distance, wear a facemask if you go to the store.

    4.  Be a Leader - Set a good example, help your younger siblings, help your parents/grandparents, do your best on your classwork, encourage others, stay positive!  


    Soft SKills 

    I have attached a short video of each to help reinforce these skills. These are important skills for success.  We have been talking about them all year, so parents feel free to use these words/ideas when talking with your children about what you expect.