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  • Thank you for coming and checking out the page. Hopefully, everyone out there is staying safe and enjoying this time at home. Things have changed but we will get through this together and come out stronger on the other side for it. I will do my absolute best to accomodate you with any and all assignments so do not hesitate to ask any questions. We will work through this together.

  • We will be using Microsoft Teams this school year for several assignments. I will walk you through everything to get set up and we will work on it together in class.

  • Contact information

    email: scott.snyder@marion.k12.fl.us

    If you need to have a phone conference for any reason please email me with your phone number and I will give you a call.

  • Syllabus

    Posted by Scott Snyder on 8/21/2020 12:00:00 PM

    Mr. Snyder

    MTI Research/Critical Thinking



    Contact Information
    Instructor: Mr. Scott Snyder
    Bldg 4 room 008
    E-mail: Scott.Snyder@marion.k12.fl.us



    First and foremost, welcome to my class and our MTI campus. We have a lot of great things going on and I am excited to be a part of it. This year has been different no doubt but we can and we will make the best out of it. I will be here to challenge you; be prepared to give your best personal effort and I promise that you will succeed.

    This syllabus is here to give you helpful information about the course, how to maintain contact with me, my policies and procedures, grading and how assignments will work. Please keep this syllabus as a reference guide throughout the year.

    Parent or Guardian Involvement:

    Parent or guardian involvement is potentially the biggest thing that can help me out in the classroom. Students need great feedback both at home and in school. This means I would love to have open communication when it comes to parent and teacher. I will be pushing my students to accomplish as much as possible within reason and I implore you to do the same. Most work will be able to be accomplished during class time but on occasion the student may have to work on a project during non-school hours. If you do not have the proper technology at home please let me know and I will provide the appropriate accommodations.

    Policies and Procedures

    In our class, I expect you to be an active and willing participant each time you enter the room. Engagement is not only expected but highly encouraged. I expect you to be in your seat and on time for class every day. Please have whatever materials out that you will need for class that day.

    Classroom Rules:

    • Students will be on time and prepared for class (with all necessary materials.
    • Students will respect and cooperate with others in class.
    • Students will be aware and mentally present during instruction.
    • Students will not have personal electronics or anything that will distract them from class activities.
    • Students will actively engage in all activities and participate in class discussion.
    • Students will limit their passes out of the room.
    • Students will wait to be dismissed.
    • I will make adjustments to these rules as necessary.


    Substitute Teachers

    All Substitute teachers will be treated with respect. Please remember that any work they ask you to complete is from ME, not them. Any consequences for behavior with be handled if they result in class disruption when a substitute teacher is present.

    Supplies/Necessary Items

    • Pen/Pencil
    • Notebook
    • Folder
    • Planner for keeping track of assignments and goals
    • Any additional materials requested for specific projects or assignments
    • A positive attitude and applicable work ethic

    Grading Scale

    Grading Categories Letter grades are assigned based upon percentage of points accumulated:

    90-100% A

    80-89% B

    70-79% C

    60-69% D

    59% or lower F


    Late Work

    In high school, there should be little or no late work. On the rare occasion that you do forget to complete an assignment, I will accept late work UP TO ONE WEEK AFTER THE DUE DATE. This 1-week extension is considered the deadline. Students may still earn full credit until the deadline; however, the assignment will receive a score of ZERO once the deadline has passed. Please do not make a habit of this. In the event you need an extension on a particular task or assignment, please see me prior to the due date. Extensions allow students to turn in assignments at a later date without penalty. However, extensions will be granted solely at my discretion; they are determined on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed, so be sure to speak with me as soon as possible.

    Absent Work

    I am certainly here to help you get caught up after an absence, however, it is ultimately YOUR responsibility to determine what work you have missed. Please know that it is NOT appropriate to ask me what you missed during class time. We can talk about it before or after school or during passing time. Being absent does not excuse you from the day’s work/academic expectations. Please remember – you are responsible for getting your work done and submitted for evaluation.

    Academic Integrity

    Students are expected to perform all work and tasks with academic integrity; that is, cheating is not permitted. The most serious form of cheating is plagiarism in which students submit someone else’s work as their own. Some examples of cheating include (but are not limited to) copying answers verbatim (i.e., word for word), summarizing someone’s else’s work without giving them credit, looking/glancing at someone else’s paper in or out of class, using other students’ tests and/or papers to earn a grade, and using a cell phone or electronic device during an exam. In other words, cheating is defined as not doing your own work or trying to represent someone else’s work as your own. CHEATING WILL RESULT IN A ZERO “0” for the assignment and may result in further disciplinary action. In short, cheating will not be tolerated.

    Please note: In order to have an environment that is conducive to learning and that ensures every student has an equal opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the material without distraction, all students are required to remain completely silent during testing. This means that there is ZERO TALKING and/or non-verbal communication while ANY test remains out and in the hands of students taking exams. TALKING OR USING AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE DURING AN EXAM (even if the student is done with his/her test but other students are still testing) WILL RESULT IN A ZERO FOR THE EXAM AND A REFERRAL TO THE OFFICE.

    Final Note:

    Welcome back to school. I know that a lot of things have been different and we are all dealing with something in reference to these times. I would like you to know that I would be happy to discuss any of the topics or issues that you may have at the appropriate time. Please be fluid and realize that things may change from time to time but I will do my best to keep you updated and I expect you to show me the same courtesy. All of these policies and procedures are subject to review and change as needed to provide you with a safe and conducive learning environment.

    In closing, I really look forward to going through this adventure with each and every one of you and remember that putting forth your BEST effort is always a strong option. I am always here for you and love to help!

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