• Welcome to Team Sports 2 / Drivers Education

  • Ladies and gentlemen,

                           We will be doing things a little different. I will be posting assignments (1-2 a week) on here as well as the google classroom. I have invited all the students to be added to google classroom. That is where you will submit all the work for this class. Being that this is Team Sports I will be doing my best to keep you engaged. If you need to get a hold of me you can call me 321-355-2184 or email me journey.benjamin@marion.k12.fl.us Parents if you would like to be added to the google clasroom please feel free to email me and I will add you. 

    Ladies and Gentleman, 

                     If you are in the Drivers Ed course with myself and Mr. Jackson then Mr. Jackson has sent you the invite for Google classroom. You will be completeing all of you assignments on Google classroom. That is aslo where you will find the Drivers Ed book in order for you to complete you work and study for tests. If you have any questions about anthing you can call him at 352-462-2404 or email him at jason.jackson@marion.k12.fl.us 



  • Below I have added the google classroom codes for Team sports 2.


    Team Sports 2 3rd Period

          Google classroom code: 7lyyu3j

    Team Sports 2 4th Peroid

          Google classroom code: qqsfiab

    Team Sports 2 5th Period

          Google classroom code: d2e3vko

    Team Sports 2 6th Period

          Google classroom code: 5ezmh22