• Hello and Welcome to my Classroom!

    My name is Mrs. Morgan and I will be your Technology Teacher. Technology is such fun!  

    I want each of my students to get to know me as I get to know you!

    I have taught school for different ages from Pre-k to High School. I have found a love for the middle school age. You are on the cusp of amazing adventures while discovering who you are to become along the way. I want to be apart of the modeling and shaping that your parents are working hard to achieve. 

    I believe anything is possible with a bit of hard work, and determination; while some fun along the way. 

    I welcome you to join me on this journey of reading and developing our skills. The world is yours if you choose to take it; however, if you choose to take the world by storm it all begins with responsibility. Being responsible to each other in the classroom, at school, and in home. I am here to help you achieve your goals. There are wonderful dreams that can become realities. I hope that this year we see some of those dreams come true. 

    This is my first year at North Marion Middle and I have already determined to stay! What a wonderful school to attend. 

    I originally came from the east coast of Florida. A small city called New Smyrna/ Edgewater. It's a place where there is always a sea breeze, long beach days and wonderful people all around. I love to Ocala two years ago in 2018 when I married my husband. He is a true native born Ocalian. I have fallen in love with the beautiful lush green land, amazingly tall oak trees and most of all with all the smart kids that live here. 

    I love to travel and visit new places. I have only been out of the country to Brazil & Bahamas (Abaco) I really like to explore more places such as London, Hungry, Italy, Paris and so on. I also have a love for traveling around the United States and discovering new places, cultures within our country, and foods, of course. 

    I always read as much as I can about each destination before traveling or planning for future travel trips. 

    I am a musician/singer for my local assembly and teach piano lessons on the side. I have a curiosity about all types of music. 

    I also have a mad love for movies & T.V. I have been obsessed with Starwars for the majority of my life. You will notice in our classroom how much that obsession has taken over. 

    As we finish out this year I look forward to seeing you accomplish your goals, and aspirations & encouraging your determination. 

    We are in this as a team and we will be successful. 


    Mrs. Morgan.