• Welcome back!!! Greetings my incredible students!!! At this time Google is refusing to give me access to their products!!! Which means no Google.Docs and no Google Classroom at this time!!! Google has recommended that students take a photo of their work and email the photo of the work at this time or directly email their work to my email !!! I apologize for the inconvenience, please don't give up, hang in there!!! We will get through this together!!! 

    Please check for daily assignments!!! Use your time wisely. Each time your class meets you should endeavor to complete your assignment on that same date. 

    Doing so will help to keep work from backing up on you. Remember, this is all about effort, and endeavoring to perservere!!!

    When turning in assignments please include 3 things:

         A) Your full name,

         B) What Period you are assigned in,

         C) And the Title of the Assignment.

    Please login to the assignment page and have a tremendous day!!!

    William Clark - Liberal Arts Math - Lake Weir High School

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