We will have ZOOM classes on Mondays and Wdenesdays at 1 pm

    Our class will be a split betweeen design and art history subjects


    We will have ZOOM classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at 2pm

    Our class will now focus on drawing and design

    We will design sets for plays and musicals, props, puppets, and costumes. 

    We will be reading scripts (if i can get my hands on some) or watching sceenes of movies and doing scene breakdowns.

    We can meet with zoom if you are intersted in having conversation on the topics.



    I be posting assignments down below.


    Stay Healthy

    Mr. Parks

  • Final Parojet

    This project is your Final and is worth 100 points!

    Pick a well known movie of your choosing and design a theme park ride based on that movie.

    It can be any kind of ride like roller coaster, free fall, spinning rides etc. It can have multiple rooms like most of Disney's rides. 

    I should be able to tell what movie you are depicting without the name being read. 

    I will be grading this project harshly and am looking for high amount of detail and effort put into it.

    Please find a way to color it if this is an issue email and we can figure something out.

    Email me with any questions you have.

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  • Set design Project 

    Part 1

    Choose a script down below are the links to each script.

    Little Shop of Horrors

    Lion King

    Little Mermaid

    James and the Giant Peach


    Read the script and choose a scene you want to focus your set design on.

    Go through the scene and create a set breakdown by writing down anything required for the scene based off the text and any set piece or set props you would like to add, what type of set piece you want to use to create each item and why. Also include what set style you feel would work best for your set design ideas.

    Students who did not come to class Monday have some research to do now. Here is a list of set pieces and set styles. We will have a test on these terms.

    Backdrop,  Set Prop,    Bandwagon(for sets),  Prcenium arch,

    Cyc,    Flown Piece,   Pariaktoi,   Revolving Stage,  Trap doors/Lifts

    Set Flat,   Platforms,    Ramps and Steps

    Symbolistic Sets,  Minimalistic Sets,   Realistic  Sets, 

    Thaetricalistic Sets, Fantasy Sets.

     Here is a link of the scene breakdown that I am expecting.

     Set Design Part 1

    Set Design Part 2

    Draw in high detail your set design with at least 5 different set pieces on the stage. Color if possible.

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  •  Fantasy Weapon DesignStaff

    Using the same method of using simple shapes and lines to create your Fantasy Weapon.

    1) Choose your weapon (Staff, Mase, Oversized Hammer, Sword, Sheild, Bow, Silthe, Etc.)

    2) Develope 4 simple silouette designs (See attached photos)

    They must be radically different from one another. Simple enough to add on details in the next step. 

    They should be a solid black/ blue marker or pencil designs. 

    3) Send in photo before Wednesday 4/22  class

    4) We will choose as a group which one to focus on and talk about the next strp in the process.


    This is simple and shouldn't take longer then 30 min to complete see you Wednesday.


    Fantasy Weapon Design Part 2

    Take one of your weapons previously designed and reimagine them into 6 of the 10 themes provided below. Put in effort to make these designs crisp and clean. I must see them at least half completed by Monday. They will be due next Wednesday.



    2)Aztech or Egyptian

    3)World of Mario

    4)Tim Burton Inspired

    5)Owned by a Witch


    7)Made from Animal Parts

    8)Owned by a Fairy

    9) Syfy/Alien

    10) Free Design

    Part 3

    Create a wearable item for each of your 6 weapons. Something the character using the weapon would use could be a sheild, helmet, armor, mask, shoes, backpack etc. 



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