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    We are getting ready to start the Fourth Quarter, so we've taken another step closer to wrapping up another school year and knowing more about our nation's history and your place in it. After this year, it's one more and either employment, enrollment or enlistment and that's been (hopefully) the target all along.


    We are utilizing Google Classroom for our class going forward. By now all students should have received an "invitation" to join our class. If you have not, please go to the Marion County Desktop, go to Google Apps, click on Google Classroom and join the class using the following entry code:



    United States History (Periods 1 and 2) - hkf3s3b


    United States History Honors (Periods 3, 4, 5 and 6)  - nnmmqol


     I have combined Period 1 and 2 into one class: United States History and Periods 3, 4, 5 and 6 into one class: United States History Honors. There is material and assignments there for Modules 14 and 15.


    If you have questions, concerns or comments, you can post me through Google Classroom or you can email me at Steven.Hoover1@marion.k12.fl.us