School Advisory Council

  • People from several groups are welcome to join our School Advisory Committee (SAC) committee, including parents, students, community members, business partners, and school staff. Certain SAC members are elected by their peers, business and community members are appointed, and the Principal automatically serves. The SAC reviews school-wide issues, helps create and review the effectiveness of the School-Parent Compact, the Parent and Family Engagement Plan, and reviews the annual Schoolwide Improvement Plan. SAC meetings fall under the Sunshine Law and are declared public meetings and open to the public at all times. Therefore, your input matters, and we encourage you to join our SAC committee by notifying the front office.  SAC meeting minutes and other related information are available to review by contacting our front office. 

    Parents and community members interested in joining SAC should contact the school at 352-671-7260.

Contacting SAC