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  • Summer is here but the learning must continue!

    Here are 5 summer learning activities that students can complete to help prepare for 1st grade in August.

    1. Visit the library:

    This can be done online or if possible, in person.  Many libraries have wonderful summer programs, story times and special summer events.  They also have many programs online that your child can participate in throughout the summer months.

    2. Read Daily:

    Reading daily is probably the most important activity a child can do in the summer months.  This simple activity can prevent that summer learning slide.  Here are some ideas that may help!

    • practice reading favorite books and library books
    • read books sent home from school
    • books online: many websites have leveled books that can be downloaded and sites that have video Read Aloud
    • read a bedtime story: snuggle up and read aloud to your child

    3. Play Word Games: 

    Word games are a great first grade summer learning activity.  Not only do they increase your child’s vocabulary skills, it maintains and improves their phonics skills. Check these word game ideas out!

    • word hunt: create a word list and hide sight or vocabulary words around the house on sticky notes. Student must find each word on the list read it out loud and use it in a sentence.
    • new word game: teach your child a new word each day.  Look for new descriptive words on TV, in books or on your travels.  Look it up in the dictionary, write the word, and use it in a sentence. Try to use that word in conversation during the day
    • sight word dice games: practice first grade sight words with dice games (requires a 6-sided dice)

       Sight Word List

    4. Creative Writing

    Writing in a journal, sending a letter to someone, or just writing about a topic can be a fun way to practice their writing skills.  Maybe some of these ideas may help.

    • personalized daily writing journal: create a personalize journal for child with a fancy cover with their name and stickers.
    • writing letters or cards to family & friends and ask them to write back. (Getting mail is always exciting)
    • D.E.W (Drop Everything and Write) Topic or Themed Writing: School, My Friends, My Family, I Would Like to Visit, My Teacher, Spring, Bugs, Butterflies, Baseball, etc.

    5. Finger Activities

    It is important that students continue their progress with their fine motor skills. These include cutting, threading, grasping, and pencil/paper activities.  Here are a few ideas for you to try!

    • Cutting with scissors: shapes, lines, pictures, strips of paper
    • Threading beads to make a bracelet or necklace
    • Playing with playdough
    • Punching holes with a single hole puncher


    While all of these things are essential to the success of your child more importantly, have a great summer! Make plenty of memories and relax!


     School resumes on August 10, 2021. 



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