• LWHS 2020-21 English I, Theater I and Theater II 

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    Highlights of 4th Quarter 2019-20:

    Video #4- Farewell Encouragement Video! Thank you students and parents!!!


     ⇒A message of encouragement for my is difficult to simply "stand by" as our children make unwise choices, but they do need to grow up and we do not want to make them weak, because then we, as parents, would have to bear some of the guilt...and we should not!

    "Admonishment is high-octane encouragement. The word literally means "putting in mind." To admonish is to deposit truth into a person's thoughts. It may take the form of discipline, encouragement, or affirmation. It may be commendation or correction. Above all, admonishment is truth spoken into difficult circumstances. It inserts the chlorine tablet of veracity into the algae of difficulty." Max Lucado in "How Happiness Happens"


    PLEASE BE HONEST WITH YOUR PARENTS! I have a few students that HAVE NOT been doing their work but playing on the internet and misrepresenting the truth to their parents...BEWARE- it isn't worth the hassle and this is a GREAT chance to develop your independence, maturity and self-direction, skills and characteristics that WILL help you have a great life!


    Mr. Carswell's VIDEO #3- Writing Assignment DUE 4/29/2020: ESPIONAGE



    MR. CARSWELL'S VIDEO #1 Shout Out...We're ALL upside down here, but we WILL be stronger! YAHOO! Click for a meeting! (click, the video is embedded!)



    We Will Be Victorious- A Theme for Mr. Carswell's classes at LWHS 2019-20  click it!