• Lake Weir High School 2021-22

    English I- Class Syllabus available 8/6/2021

    should be read by ALL studentS and too, parents offering their student assistances! One (1) simple subject spiral notebook required to leave in  classroom, at least ONE (1) section in a three ring binder (may be shared with other classes), and at least one of the following- 1 pen, 1 or 2 pencils and 1 hi-lighter.


    THEATre I- SylLabus forthcoming by 8/9/21



    LWHS 2020-21

    FEBRUARY and MARCH 2021

    QSMA B-Day 4th BLOCK MONDAY 3-8-2021

               A-DAY 3rd and 5th BLOCK TUESDAY 3-9-2021

    VIRTUAL STUDENTS- THURSDAY 3/11/2021 Please be here by 8:30 not after 9:05



                                          A- DAY THURSDAY 3/11/21

    STUDY GUIDE- Be sure you are able to answer these questions!!! (ctrl and click)


    READING SCHEDULE- Students that are habitually absent will need to make

    up the reading! You are held accountable! You may come in early or stay



    Here is the READING SCHEDULE- Each and Every Student is responsible for keeping up with the  assignments:

    READING SCHEDULE FOR NIGHT by Elie Wiesel (please hold down CTRL...bottom left...and then RIGHT click the MOUSE to open)


    ONLINE BOOK (The pages are noted in 8 point) DIFFERENT PAGE NUMBERS!


    JANUARY 2021

    Elie Wiesel "Night" (Look to ASSIGNMENTS for the introduction and entire book!)

    Face-to-face Classes




    10/21/2020 As I finish grades for Quarter 1, at 9:40 PM, I took a minute to check on some mini-essays...I stumbled upon an exciting, and somewhat sad, video featuring Chadwick Boseman.   

    Jimmy Fallon and Chadwick Boseman surprise some fans! Ctrl and click!




    9/28/2020 (posted 10/1/2020)

    I have been so BUSY trying to check late work that I literally forgot to post here on Monday. Far too many students have not even competed work from AUGUST!!! Please understand that I am now deducting point for late work, we have a schedule because we need to accomplish foundational criteria as we move forward. PLEASE be advised that I DO NOT give extra credit- it is your personal responsibility to come to class daily and participate (or you and your parents may choose Marion Virtual, Florida Virtual or Home Schooling). I remain concerned that far too many students are mistakenly thinking Virtual School is like it was 4th quarter 2020...that was a crisis plan that has been replaced with a functional plan, one assuring actual instruction and learning opportunities. You need to be in classes for 7.5 hours. Your parents are trusting you, and we know you may need to occasionally miss class…just be responsible enough to complete assignments- in high school we do not come behind you to make you weaker, we want you to be strong functioning adults! Please review your syllabus for more details about class.


    -Chadwick Boseman essay's turn in date to Monday 10/5/2020 in order to give some of you the weekend to catch-up. 

    -Finalizing grades for The Necklace (due 9/13/2020) and Vaccine (due 9/20/2020) TODAY- Thursday 10/1/2020

    -Quill Assignment #1 is being finalized today also...#2 should already be completed and #3 added this week!

    If you still need instructions on how to join, go to ASSIGNMENTS and look at the late and are there. If you have two accounts please delete the one you are not using. A word to the wise- Write your passwords in your English Notebook!

    If you are still struggling with R/R/R the instructions are under FILES- we have discussed this in class three to four time (it is VERY important to attend regularly)

    Final word to the wise, if you are choosing to fail, first quarter, at least get your grade up high enough that you have a chance to pass for the semester (I do not like to see students choose to fail). In high school you MUST prove mastery of the material...if you fail first semester you'll need to make it up during another year or in credit recovery. You need a specific number of course credit hours to receive your diploma. You CAN do this, class of 2024! Thank you!



    We are getting into "high gear" now that I am back. I have been creating the assignments and plans since school began; Miss Difrederico was the facilitator, and I appreciate the great job she did! We are still having some trouble understanding that cameras need to be on...not your screen saver icon! I will be calling parent starting next week, and too, my e-mail that is going out, with Progress Reports,  will address this. Please remember, Virtual School is NOT home schooling, nor is it the state of Florida's Virtual School, those are options your parents have. We need to see you during the class time, and Miss D allowed time, during class for all assignments to be completed- many did not take advantage of this! Most of the progress report grades are really atrocious, it is evident that many of you are incorrectly thinking you are in the 4th quarter of eighth grade. That format was the BEST the district could construct when we were ALL caught off guard by the pandemic. Good or bad, I have learned, and I hope you will too, to embrace the saying "It is what it is". I am 60 years old, but I am just now learning not to be upset by things of which I have no control (bad drivers, students that won't do their work, unkind people).

    Mid-term Test will be posted on the day of the test, for each class. We will complete roll and then verify that I have everyone's actual face online, then I will post the test. YOU MAY USE YOUR NOTES! You will have a limited time to complete the test. Please do not open other windows or otherwise be dishonest. Cheating is an automatic zero and possible referral...just do your very best!


     FIRST QUARTER MID-TERM REVIEW-ENGLISH I- 2020-21 (click to open)



    MID-TERM (Mid-Quarter) EXAM Thursday and Friday 9/24 and 9/25/20

    -9/18/20 GOOD TO BE BACK! I so appreciate Mrs. Difrederico for taking such good care of the class and too, I thank ALL of my students that were helpful and worked diligently! Mrs. "D" had good things to say about everyone...we do need to "tighten up" the camera situation. I need to SEE my students and, unlike fourth quarter 2019-20, you need to be in class during the class time. If you sign in and leave I will mark you absent!!!

    I am grading work now...stayed until 8 PM last night and will stay late again tonight. PLEASE try and do your best so you earn the credit hours for my class...who wants to repeat a class if you do not like it already!?! There are NO social promotions in high school, we need to see your mastery of the subject and we are here to help you be successful!

     Late work will be graded as outlined in the Syllabus featured August 24, 2020. (Here and on TEAMS) Thank you!

    ALL STUDENTS- Please remember that your camera is to be on...not with a meme, but as verification of your class attendance. Also, we have a "POP" quiz the week of the 21st. Study Guide posted soon, on this site! Please do not forget, class attendance is NOT as it was 4th is mandatory for credit and Progress Reports are "captured" on grades posted by the 21st! See you soon! 


    9/8/2020 Update

    I will begin to post Monday Morning updates to help students stay organized. I am in high hopes to be back on Monday, September 21st. We'll get all the grading caught up and too, have a "pop" quiz that week. I will post a study guide...if you've been participating in class and completing work assigned you will do well. A word of caution, some students are not "connected" while in class. If Ms. Difrederico calls on you and you do not answer it could have negative results in many ways! Watch this video for some encouragement:

    FLO TRIES TO HAVE A MEETING- Including everyone! (Ctrl and click to open)

    Grades for and will be posted shortly. The R/R/R grades will be posted by the 21st along with the "Denzel Washington" video! Stay focused and do your best! 



    LWHS CLUB WEBSITE (ctrl and click)



    8/31/2020 UPDATE

    Since my return to class may be up to three weeks, Ms. Difrederico is now noted as the CLASSROOM TEACHER on Skyward, which also controls TEAMS. We are still working together so that there will be a seamless transition to my return. Keep doing the assignments and know that grading will be updated by next week (Assignments are to be noted on Skyward as they are assigned, with grading following after due dates!)

    Remember, "Your BEST is always good enough, just make sure it really is your VERY BEST". Thank you! Mr. Carswell


    * Virtual Students: you SHOULD have a notebook, for each class, in which you can write notes, complete steps (before a R/R/R) and jot ideas. If you want to use a virtual notebook, that is OK, but PLEASE have a notebook to help you stay organized. You are probably realizing how often your classroom educators have had to remind, prompt, cajole you to staty on track- now it is your responsibility to step-up and make sure you are doing what is necessary for you to be succcessful!

    Thank you!


    8/24/2020 WELCOME! Here is the TEAMS VIDEO from Marion School district:

    TEAMS- Instructional Video(click control then enter t open the video)


    SIGN-IN FOR SCHOOL DAYS WILL BE USING TEAMS! Please watch and listen to these directions and then, look at the following color-coded schedule for your attendance. Please be on time and wait, in the lobby, for access to the class (this will also be your attendance):

    TEAM SIGN-IN FOR CLASSES (hover over title and click ctrl and enter)

    PURPLE  A Day 8/24/2020  (days alternate)                    GOLD  B Day 8/25/2020 (days alternate)

    1st Block      9-10 to 11:12  122minutes                  2nd Block      9:10 to 11:12

    3rd Block     11:17 to 1:42  113 minutes                  4th Block       11:17 to 1:42

                   Lunch  32 minutes          A: 11:12 to 11:44

                                                                B: 12:11 to 12:43

                                                                C: 1:10 to 1:42

    5th Block     1:47 to 3:40    113 minutes                    6th Block       1:47 to 3:40


     *ENGLISH I- Virtual Classes


    Syllabus (click control and enter to open)

    Posted 8/19/2020 also on TEAMS


    *Theater I and II- Virtual Classes (8/19/20)


    Course Prospectus (please click control and enter to open)

     Posted 8/19/2020- Also posted on TEAMS









    Highlights of 4th Quarter 2019-20:

    Video #4- Farewell Encouragement Video! Thank you students and parents!!!


     ⇒A message of encouragement for my is difficult to simply "stand by" as our children make unwise choices, but they do need to grow up and we do not want to make them weak, because then we, as parents, would have to bear some of the guilt...and we should not!

    "Admonishment is high-octane encouragement. The word literally means "putting in mind." To admonish is to deposit truth into a person's thoughts. It may take the form of discipline, encouragement, or affirmation. It may be commendation or correction. Above all, admonishment is truth spoken into difficult circumstances. It inserts the chlorine tablet of veracity into the algae of difficulty." Max Lucado in "How Happiness Happens"


    PLEASE BE HONEST WITH YOUR PARENTS! I have a few students that HAVE NOT been doing their work but playing on the internet and misrepresenting the truth to their parents...BEWARE- it isn't worth the hassle and this is a GREAT chance to develop your independence, maturity and self-direction, skills and characteristics that WILL help you have a great life!


    Mr. Carswell's VIDEO #3- Writing Assignment DUE 4/29/2020: ESPIONAGE



    MR. CARSWELL'S VIDEO #1 Shout Out...We're ALL upside down here, but we WILL be stronger! YAHOO! Click for a meeting! (click, the video is embedded!)



    We Will Be Victorious- A Theme for Mr. Carswell's classes at LWHS 2019-20  click it!