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  • We're in this together!

    eware Welcome back students! This experience may be new to some of you, and many of you may have a lot of questions. I hope this page will answer some of your questions regarding your classwork. This webpage is a bulliten board, classroom, calendar and link to your virtual classroom. Our nation is facing obstacles and uncertainties. I'm sure you and your families may be watching the news to see if their is some light of normalcy ahead. I just want you to know that the administrative staff of our school, county, and even the government, is working together to formulate plans in making your on-line, virtual experience successful. As the saying goes: "We're in the together!" and your teachers and school staff are working to make this the best experience possible.

  • Virtual Course Description:

    Below is the course description of my classroom. For virtual classroom, go to Google Classroom for all assignments and calendar


    All students are to log in to Google Classroom each day by noon. A question will be given for attendance, lease choose your name. Send me an email before 3:15pm if your name does not appear on the list.Please use attendance in the subject, with the date, and in the body use your last name first, then first name and class period. (example: Smith, John, 2nd period)

    Office Hours:

    Monday through Friday: I will be available by email from 9:10 until 10:10, and 2:10 till 3:10. If you have an important question for me during the day, I will try to answer this as quickly as possible, however, many of your answers will be answered that day at that specific time, or by the next day. The calendar is a work-study timeline, with quizzes and test times available. All homework will have due times as well, however, I will accept work early. If you have started work, and realize that the work is due later,let me know and I will accept a modified schedule to get you on track with others. Calendar and assignment times may change. Please be aware of any changes.


    1. Use calendar to find the monthly lesson plan designed for virtual schooling.

    2. Get all assignments from Google Classroom, under instructions you will find PDF files for you to either download or open to use.

    3. Be sure to check your calendar for any changes, Zoom meetings, etc.

    4. Send answers to me through email by specific dates on calendar. 

    5. Below, you'll find your Google Classroom code. Open and start working.

    Class code for English 2: py2sgg6; Pre-IB class code: chdce3m

    Go to google classroom and see calendar for assigned times for homework, reading assignments, etc.

    6. If you have any questions, feel free to email.

    Course Description

    Students in 10th grade English will continue their preparation for college­ level skills in the areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking as outlined in the Florida State Standards for English­language Arts. Literacy is one of the primary themes at Liberty Charter High School. This course will broaden the perspectives of students as we deal with literature from a variety of sources in order to assist them in becoming culturally, technologically, and academically literate citizens within their communities.

    Furthermore, by interacting with classic, modern, and contemporary works, students will have the opportunity to develop their own personal perspectives of the world.

    Our goal this year: to work together to learn how to better communicate. Throughout the year we will focus on the following:

    • Writing: We will be practicing and implement writing skills to nine genres: Biographical Narrative, Response to Literature, Compare and Contrast, Cause­Effect, Analytical, Problem­Solution, Business Letter, Persuasive, and a Multi­Modal Research Essay
    • Literature: The literature we will read will coincide with our writing. Throughout this year we have four anchor pieces: Macbeth play, Beowulf, Fahrenheit 451, and Animal Farm. To supplement these pieces, we will be also reading multiple nonfiction pieces along with

    poetry and short stories.

    • Independent Reading: Each quarter students will be setting reading goals, choosing books that challenge them, and reflecting upon their growth. This piece will be the larger chunk of homework.
    • Grammar: Every day we will begin class with a grammar exercise, refreshing students’ memory of what they have learned in past years and challenging them toward a deeper understanding of the mechanics of the English language. Each chapter will have a pre­test, post­test, and daily homework.
    • Lit Terms: Every other week we will have a lit terms quiz. These quizzes will help keep all the key terms fresh in students’ memory throughout high school.



    Homework: 10%

    Papers/Projects: 40%

    Texts/Semester Tests: 50%