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  • June 1st, 2020 @ 9:20 am
    This is it. The last day of school. You've done it! Let's take a look back at all of our accomplishments, hm?

    In the first semester we covered basic Algbera skills. We started off with paper-only assignments that took me hours to grade. We spent way too long on some topics, and not enough time on others, but we covered a lot. Expressions, order of operations, inequalities, decimal places, distibutive property, one-step equations, two-step equations, multi-step equations, literal equations, combining like terms, variables, linear funtions, slope formulas, graphs and how to read and write them, word problems... And that was all before Winter Break!


    When we came back in to school in January for the second semester, we began covering basic Geometry skills. I switched over to all-online assignments that graded themselves, saving me tons of time while offering you guys immediate scores. We found a really nice speed at which to cover things and we covered a lot. Again. Points, lines, angles, rays, area and perimeter of 2D shapes, triangles and how to prove them congruent with SSS, SAS, AAS, and ASA, reading and writing vaarious types of proofs, quadrilaterals, polygons, transformations like rotations, reflections, translations, and dilations, 3D shapes and their area and volume...


    Basically, we learned SO MUCH this year. Many of you passed your PERT, your Algebra EOC, your Geometry EOC. Some of you attempted the ACT and SAT (and some of you did amazingly well there, too!). You took practice tests, real tests, studied, maybe didn't study... And none of that prepared you for the events that would take place over Spring Break.


    This school year we faced a global pandemic, the novel corona virus of 2019, COVID-19. It shut down our school, cancelled our classes, made learning hard. But you guys managed. You learned anyway. You learned despite being stuck at home, despite having spotty internet, despite not having a computer... You overcame everything life was throwing at you and you did it with spectacular success. This is not to say it was easy- because it was probably one of the hardest things you have ever done in your short lives so far. Which is why it is all the more impressive how well you did.


    So this is it. We're done. Your grades have already been finalized. Summer is here. I hope you guys continue to be safe and stay healthy. My Seniors: I hope you land that job, get that scholarship, get accepted into that college you wanted... Good luck you guys.


    To everyone else: once all the proverbial dust settles, I hope to see you on campus next year! You won't be my student, but you'll still be my kid! <3


    Over summer I'll be working on revamping this website for the next school year, so if you see it change, no big deal! (Also going to play lots of video games, too.)


    Thank you, all of you, for making this such an unforgetting school year. I learned so much right along with you guys- more than you'll ever know. Thanks for being my companions on this stretch of my own personal journey.


    Please stay safe, stay healthy, don't do anything stupid. I love you. I already miss you. You're gonna go far, kids.


    With all my love,
    -Mrs. Clark <3