• For all incoming students:

    Welcome! Hello! It's nice to have you in my class! :)

    Please check the Course Information page that has my syllabus to see what this class is about and what you need!

    All PowerPoints from class are uploaded to Teams afterwards and you can use those as notes and reference materials!

    My assignments are all ONLINE and can be found in Skyward or Teams (depending on the assignment).

    Please always email or message me if you have questions! :)

  • My Class Schedule

    Period 1: Traditional class (you are physically on campus)

    Period 2: Traditional class

    Period 3: Traditional class

    Period 4: Traditional class

    Period 5: Online class (you are learning from home)

    Period 6: Online class

    If you are in Period 1-4, you should be in school. If you signed up for online learning, but are not in an online class, you should email your guidance counselor immediately.