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    Hello my name is Rosaly Truman and I am glad we are back.  Welcome to Forest High School if your a ninth grader and welcome back if you have been a student.  I  am one of the ninth grade Environmental Science teachers.  This year you and your classmates will be focusing on how the environment is affected by what humans do and how as humans we can try to save our planet Earth.  Throughout the course you will hear the word "sustainability".  What sustains us and how can we make our planet Earth sustainable.  There are systems that are in place that work together to make our planet what it has been, what it is, and what our future may bring.  

    We know our world is forever changing and we have experienced a huge change with COVID, but there are other ways we save Earth and learn about Earth to make it a better place to live.

    It has been a great start for our students and for me. I just want to let my students know that I love working with them and I will be flexible. Please let me know, email me, when your child can not send in something or is having trouble with their online.  Also, if your child does not know how to navigate microsoft teams, please have them kind of discover it on their own. There is many benefits of using microsoft teams.  It also does not overwhelm my emails received.  

    I am including technology number for any student that does not have their e-book.  I called them and all my students should have received the e-books already.  The number is 352-671-7000. They will put a service ticket in and the book should be available within a day or two.  


    I also wanted to thank any parent that has donated to the classroom.  My students are always in need of good tissues, paper, pencils, crayons, color pencils, soap and copy paper.  Any donations can be dropped off at the front desk and our reception desk will make sure I get the supplies.  Again thank you for your support to my classroom and students.  We will have an awesome year.





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    Thank you,

    Mrs. Rosaly Truman

    Room D-146

    Environmental Science