Ms. Russell-Peterson's Window into Social Studies

  • Hello, 


    Welcome to Ms. Russell-Petersons VE/SS Homepage


    I know that things are crazy for everyone rigth now, but if we hang in there together, we'll not only get through this, but we'll be better than we were before it!


    Please know that I miss seeing all of your face to face, but I know that we'll have a lot to learn together as we make our way down the path of the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. 


    So lets begin!



    There are several things that I want to go over before you begin working on assignments.


    1) Please send me an email daily so I know that you're out there, and working on your assignments. This is also how I will take attedance;

     YES, we still have to do that.


    2) All assignments will be posted here on the this webpage, unless I notify you of any changes, and I will do so 3 or more days in advance.


    3) Your assignments will need to be sent via email to me.


    4) Just as in class I want your input. I hope to schedule, at least, a weekly online video lesson. I'm still figuring things out my self, and I want to look at ways to facilitate the online video learning, so stay tuned. I'll notify when everything is up and running.


    5) I will be available to answer questions, via email, from 9-11 AM and again from 1-2:30 PM daily. I'll be regularly checking email and will try and answer within  24 hours.


    6) Grades will contiue to be posted in Skyward.


    7) Check your emails daily! I'll be reaching out to you as you reach out to me, via emails. I'll keep you updated on new assignments, and any other information. 



    8) Lastly: stay positive!!! Things may be challanging these first few days of online learning, but WE will get though it. Reach out to myself or Ms. West for any concerns you may have, or anything you need help with.  



    Have a great week, and lets keep moving on together.



    Ms. Russell-Peterson

    Email: cynthia.russell-peterson@marion.k12.fl.usP