• Ms. Bowles

    6th Grade English Language Arts!

    Welcome to my Web Page!

    I will be leaving information for all of you, students and parents, each time I receive it from the district.

    I hope you and your families are healthy and remaining safe during this health crisis.

    I am sure we will all gather in the classroom, soon enough, meanwhile welcome to Digital Education!

    I will be using Google Classroom. Here you will find assignments to be performed, dates entered and dates due. Dates can be flexible if you experience issues. We are all working in a new domain and it may take several times to work it out correctly. 

    If a student is unable to join Google Classroom due to not having a compatible device, please contact the school to retrieve a chromebook. If you must have printed copies, please let me know.  Reading Logs will be uploaded into Google Classroom. 



    Please reach out through Google Classroom or by email if you experience issues. I'll be in touch!