Welcome to World History

  • Marion County Public Schools may record online classroom sessions utilizing third-party platforms (Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.).  These recordings will only be used for educational purposes and may be shared on other learning platforms.  If you do not want your child’s image or identifying information recorded, utilize your device/platform controls to stop the camera feed from your device.

  • Welcome to World History! I am very excited to see you all in August!

See You in Class
  • Class Rules:

    1. I will pay attention and not disrupt class.

    2. I will come to class on time and prepared.

    3. I will follow directions when I am told.

    4. I will work diligently and not waste time.

    5. I will respect other peoples’ property and dignity.

    6. I will take care of personal hygiene needs in private.

    7. I will address others with a respectful tone of voice and appropriate language.

    8. I will accept responsibility for my behavior.

    9. I will be mindful of other people’s right to learn and to participate (and not use class time for personal matters or disagreements).

Fun From the 2019-2020 School Year

  • Video List
    World History Class 2019-2020 -

    World History Class 2019-2020

    Hello my sweet students! This is a compilation of pictures I took of our classes throughout the year! I hope you enjoy and I miss you all!

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