Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Raquel Quiles-Sánchez

My Name is Mrs. Raquel Quiles-Sánchez. I'm from the Island of Puerto Rico and I taught English as a Second Language there since 2010. I moved to Ocala Florida in December 2018 and I started working as a substitute at Maplewood Elementary. My first assignment subbing was in the P.I  Classroom.  I instantly fell in love with the students. I decided to keep subbing in the ESE area and I realized I wanted to pursue the ESE teaching certification.  Maplewood School Principal Mrs. Christine DiSanza believed in me, and I was given the opportunity to start teaching there in August 2019 with the most wonderful children I could ever have. I was warmly welcomed from all School Staff!  I look forward to many years at this amazing School so I can continue serving my amazing students and the ones that are yet to come.