Culinary Arts

  • Welcome to Culinary Arts Levels 1,2,3, and 4.

    Based on your level will determine where you need to go for your content. This web site will change regularly so please check it everyday! We will have this program set up lick our Labs mostly but with a side of study time. Based on the Gov. of Florida shutting us down effective 4-2-2020 I'm not sure if we will be able to certify anyone this month. I still have my fingers crossed that we can make this happen by the end of the school year. Be advised that when this event takes place you will need to be ready to test. On the assignments page there are a few links to go study up on! Be ready for last minute changes as there have been changes every day this week. Thank you for your patients on this subject. 

    For the regular schedule. You will need to set up a YouTube account. You can se it to private so only I can see it. Every week you will need to record your self cooking dinner. You may have help but you need to be the driving force in the video. Edit the video, up load it to YouTube and Email me the link. Or any platform that will allow your videos to be sent via e-mail.  If this is not possible for you to do please contact me and we will work this out. Please turn these in early so you don't get behind. Ladies and Gentleman you are still in school and this is going to be a grade. Lets have fun with this and lets make memories. While doing your videos if your not having a good time then change something up and make it fun. I will be posting my own videos for tutorials. You may do the same thing I am but not required. The only thing I require is that you cook something you are going to eat. You MUST use proper technique. You must work in a clean and organized work station. Finally you need to have all your Mise en Place ready. I need to see your knife skills, as well as your communication during the video. Tell me what your are doing. If your parents don't trust you then this is a good time to show them your skills. Parents please assist with this but don't do it for them. Finally please email me random photos so I can add them to the sites meet the team gallery as well.   

    On another note below is a link for your school text books. 

     My Office hours are 11am to 3pm Monday thru Friday. You may send an Email at any time but may not be able to respond quickly out side of office hours.