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Mr. Nicholas

Welcome back, students! 

In lieu of office hours, I will be making individual phone calls to all guardians for a check-in and to answer any questions.




4/14/2020:  Good afternoon. I've decided to make a change to office hours.  From this point, let's communicate through the Google Classroom. 


From this point, Zoom meetings are available upon request.


Thank you for your participation, students and guardians. 


4/13/2020:  Happy monday!


This week, you can expect:


Monday - a pdf file of handwritten notes.  I recommend you to handwrite them as well. This helps the knowledge to stick.
Wednesday - an assignment for the power point lecture (due next wednesday)
Friday - a review worksheet for practice (due next friday)


Please email: for communications.


Awesome job so far.  Thank you.


3-4 pm id285-670-879       5ittjM 

Good morning.  For everyone's convenience, office hours are now moved to 9-10 am!  Today, there will be a powerpoint lesson for every class in Google Classroom.  Please do not forget that the first assignment (issued last friday) is due tomorrow. 


This morning's zoom information:  611-611-742        2WFLmd


4/8/2020: Good morning!  No office hours today, unfortunately. Please email any questions and continue to submit those assignments.  I will respond through email throughout the evening.  Thank you.  


4/7/2020:  Good afternoon! The 3-4 office hour zoom info:


id: 520-550-701      password: 4tdEkR


Good morning.  Today we are going to revisit an old skill that many of us need practice on: addition.  In your Google Classroom, I will post a worksheet focusing on addition for practice.  It is best for your mathematical abilities to complete this assignment without a calculator. 

This morning's zoom information:   169-851-917    7tD4Zd

4/6/2020:  This afternoon's zoom personal id: 321-015-326  and the password is: 819488


This morning's personal id for zoom is: 784-797-591 and the password is: 659783. Unfortunately, there has been a last minute meeting scheduled at 8:30 and so this morning's office hours will be cut short. However, This afternoon's hour from 3 to 4 is still on.


4/5/2020: Welcome to week 2 of distance learning!

Last week was a bit awkward (thanks to me) at getting the ball rolling here.  Many of you suggested Google Classroom to make this more efficient for us all. I'm taking your advice!


So this week, we will continue to focus on communications and building the foundation for our new method of learning. Most imporantly, if you have not established contact with me yet, I need you too for attendance and accountability.  We are instructed to notify administration of all of the students we are unable to contact.

I will still hold the same office hours monday through friday (8-9 and 3-4) for any questions, concerns, anything. I have heard issues with "hacking" and such of zoom classrooms, so I may find another method to avoid issues; however for now we will continue with that as the primary conferencing tool.  I will update the class id and password 5 minutes before these office hours so that everyone can join.

Back to Google Classroom, I have created four courses for you to join.  Note that these are courses, not periods.  All algebra will use the algebra classroom, same for the other courses.


So to begin this week, I will build this platform and update you on progress as we go. For now, please join the classrooms I have set up.  Please, if you notice that a classmate you communicate with is not in the classrooms, notify them that they are ready to join.



-algebra     45xctzu

 -geometry     64bcsqf


-liberal arts math     pn5kphe


-math for college readiness     d4knpwi




4/3/2020:Good morning!  Today the meeting id is: 782-054-174. Nothing new for algebra and geometry. Continue your assignments. Liberal Arts and College Prep, your assignments will be available today.

4/1/2020: I will be doing a video conference lecture through zoom at 11 am today. The personal meeting ID will be 345-471-2377 on zoom at


Also, liberal arts and college prep math, your assignment will be posted tomorrow since this is technically a block day!


Marion County Public Schools may record online classroom sessions utilizing third-party platforms (Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.).  These recordings will only be used for educational purposes and may be shared on other learning platforms.  If you do not want your child’s image or identifying information recorded, utilize your device/platform controls to stop the camera feed from your device.