• Welcome to Mr. Cumba's ESE 4&5 Webpage! 


    It has been such an enjoyable and memorable year! I miss getting to work with each one of my students and I hope you and your child are doing okay tolerating all of these sudden changes!


    The first thing to remember is that you are rockstars and I know you are doing your very best day in and day out with your child!! 



    I will be available from the hours of 8am to 2pm Monday through Friday. I can be reached via ClassDojo or my email: daniel.cumba@marion.k12.fl.us

    During the times of 9am-10am and 12:30pm-1:30pm, I will be avaible for phone conferences to address any questions or concerns that you may have. To set up a phone call, simply message me through ClassDojo or email with a preffered time and preffered contact number to reach you at. 


    As recommended per the county, we will be using distance learning for the time being. What that looks like for my class will be as follows:

    1. ClassDojo will be the main platform we use for communication and updates/individualized instructions for each student.

    2. All assignments will be uploaded here on the website under the "Assignments" folder.  

    3. I will be posting assignments for each subject for students to work on at their own pace. 

    4. Grades still need to be recorded in the system. To earn a grade, parents will need to simply take a picture of the work and upload it to ClassDojo. (Specifics for each student will be sent individually throuhg ClassDojo based on academic level and capabilities). If uploading or taking pictures is an issue, then please let me know and we will figure something else out!

    5.Please check the additional resources tab for educational video links to things we were working on in class, fun videos we have used in class, and extra websites containing academic content.


    Also, physical packets and some small reinforcers were created for each student to have at home during this time. I encourage parents to stop by the school during their earliest convenience and pick up the the packet with their child's name on it. They can be found in a large bin at the front of the school with my name on it. 


    Parents, I do not want you to feel overwheled during this time and I am here to help in any way possible. Please reach out if your child is having any behavioral issues or work refusals so that we can come up with a different plan of action. As I am sure you already know, routine is very important to our kiddo's so possibly setting up a schedule of short periods to do work throughout the day may be one way to gear them towards completing the assignments.