Fort McCoy School Music Department

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    “Absent/Excluded students should email me directly for makeup work.” 

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  • If you are interested in joining band or are new to band this year



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  • Yes, Band and Choir are still being offered at the Fort this year.

    "It is imperative that all students have access to equitable delivery of arts education that includes dance, media arts, musi


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    To assure the safety of students we will adhear to the following procedures in accordance with studies found by the NFHS areosol studies

    • Masks should be worn by all students and staff prior to entering the performing arts room. Masks should continue to be worn until all students are seated and ready for instruction (example, long rests, sectional work, moving around the room, etc.)
    • No talking should occur in the room without a mask being properly worn.
    • When possible a mask with a small slit for mouthpiece access should be worn while playing.
    • In instrument groups where a mask cannot physically be worn the mask should be worn over the chin and replaced during periods where the student is not playing. No talking without a mask
    • Social distancing should occur as suggested by the CDC. Currently that distance is a 6x6 foot space around each student with the student sitting in the center. This may reduce the number of students that can fit in a performing arts classroom. Straight lines should be used as curved setups can affect the aerosol movement in a room.
    • Students should sit all facing the same direction, back to front to minimize potential exposure.
    • Spit valves should not be emptied on the floor. Recommend using a puppy pad (or similar) to catch the contents of the spit valve and discard.
    • Storage areas should be managed to limit the number of students at a time in the room. Anyone who enters the room should bring a 70% alcohol wipe to wipe all surfaces before and after touching. The wipe should be discarded properly upon leaving the storage area.


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  • The best way to currently contact me is by e-mail at:


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