• If you are in need of paper packets, they will be available for pick up in front of the school between 8 AM Tuesday through 2 PM Thursday each week.  :) 

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  • Our class will be using what is called "Google Classroom" to complete tasks and lessons.  In order to get into Google classroom, your child will need to go through their Marion County Desktop, just like they would to get onto i-Ready and MyOn.  

    *** In order for it to work, you must make sure they are in their own Google account (you can tell by looking on the top right corner - if you are logged into your own account, you need to log out and log them in with their school email address and passwords) ***  Follow the directions in the link below:

    Google Classroom Login Directions

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  • Students and Parents!

    I cannot wait to continue our learning journey in this new way!  I sure have missed you all!  This is going to be a bit of a challenge for all of us, but I know we are going to do great together!  I have been looking and learning at different ways we can work through this.  Thank you for joining me on this adventure!

    OFFICE HOURS - My "office hours" (The specific time I'll have set aside for immediate phone and email availability) will be Monday-Friday 8-9 AM and 1-2 PM.  Of course, you can reach out to me outside of these times, but it may take a bit longer for me to connect depending on availability.  

    GRADES - Grades will be taken on tasks through Google Classroom.  These tasks will include due dates and will include directions on how to submit completed tasks.  

    PACKETS - Please notify me if you will not have the ability to work with these assignments online and we will work out a way to get paper packets to you.  Paper assignments can be submitted by taking a picture of the completed task and sending it to me through one of the above ways to communicate (text, email, Dojo).

    SPECIALS - Students will still be expected to participate in Specials Area courses.  The schedule will change weekly. I will keep you posted on this through Google Classroom.

    LIVE SESSIONS - I hope to be doing Live sessions through the Zoom app as we get more comfortable with this process.  All updates and information will be passed through Dojo, Google Classroom, and hopefully via text, once I can get the app to cooperate with me.

    The following is my contact information:

    Email: jennifer.stuart@marion.k12.fl.us

    Call/Text: 352-405-0569


    Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or for help in any way.  Thank you for your patience and support in helping me help you and your child as we approach this new and very different way of learning.


    Mrs. Stuart

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