• Hello students and parents!


    My name is Anibal Rodriguez. I am very excited to start a new year with all the students. 2D Studio Art is designed to be an introduction to the essential elements of art and principles of design. It will be a hands-on experience exploring the basics concepts of drawing and composition.


    It is my greatest desire that all students will not only develop an appreciation for art in general, but also discover the joy of letting loose their creativity.


    You will find various pieces of information necessary for this course on this webpage under Support Material. Daily lessons are posted under this link plus any other support files needed to complete the assignments. For students working remotely or absent, you can easily keep up with class work by checking the daily lessons.


    Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and/or concerns. Also, if you have any work to submit electronically, I'll be happy to accept it via email:




    I look forward to a great year with all the students!


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