Mrs. Victoria Jeffers

  • The end of Q2 and Semester 1 is fast approaching, students have until January 8, 2021 to submit any missing work.


    World History-Syllabus


    Welcome to World History!!


    Mrs. Jeffers



    This class will take you on a journey through the ages, from early civilizations to the current era of globalization.  We will explore maps, study charts, learn about significant world events and analyze historical documents.


    Classroom Expectations:

    1. Be on time:  Tardiness impacts the entire class; respect others’ time.
    2. Be prepared:  Come to class every day with required materials. (Folder, notebook, pen or pencil)
    3. Cell phones: Cell phone use is not allowed in class (unless specifically instructed to do so)
    4. Active participation:  History requires conversation. In order to get the most out of this class, participation is a must.
    5. Be on task:  Please do not disrupt the learning of others.
    6. Passes: Please refrain from asking for a pass during notes or lecture.
    7. Cleanliness:  Please clean up after yourself and put supplies back where they belong.
    8. No eating in class: Drinks in closed containers only.
    9. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated; do not submit any work that is not your own.


    In addition, all students are expected to adhere to the MCPS Student Code of Conduct.


    Consequences: If meeting any of these expectations becomes difficult, please understand that the following will occur.


    1st offense:  We will have a private conversation about how to address the difficulty.

    2nd offense:  We will talk again, then there will be a call home to address the difficulty.

    3rd offense:  Phone call home, and discipline will be notified.

    4th offense:  Referral


    Please respect yourself, your classmates, your teacher and your environment.


    • Do not criticize
    • Do your very best
    • Ask for help




    Grades will be updated frequently, usually within 48 hours (tests & projects, 1 week)


                Tests/quizzes/projects                                                 50%

                Classwork/participation                                               40%

                Homework (Includes notes)                                        10%


    Grading Scale:                        90%-100% = A

                                                    80% - 89% = B

                                                    70% - 79% = C

                                                    60% - 69% = D

                                                           < 59% = F






    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up any missing work. (You will have 5 calendar days for make-up).  Late work (not due to absence), will only receive 50% credit and will only be accepted up to one week after the original due date.  Extenuating circumstances will be handled on an individual basis.



    Class Overview


    Semester 1


    Unit 1 – The Byzantines, Medieval Europe and Asia

    Unit 2 – The Spread of Islam & Growth of Africa

    Unit 3 – Renaissance, Reformation, and the Scientific Revolution

    Unit 4 – European Exploration of Africa, Asia, and the Americas

    Unit 5 – Absolutism, Enlightenment, and the American Revolution

    Winter Break

    Semester Exams


    Semester 2


    Unit 6 – French Revolution, Napoleon & Independence Movements

    Unit 7 – The Industrial Revolution

    Unit 8 – European Imperialism & WWI

    Unit 9 – Interwar Years & WII

    Unit 10- The Cold War

    Unit 11- Globalism, Conflict and the Modern World


    There will be at least 4 major projects (1 per quarter) and a test at the end of each unit. There will also be occasional quizzes (usually at the mid-point of each unit).