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    Virtual Open House  Tuesday, October 20th at 5:40 and 6:00

    Please join us for info about CAB 1 elective for 6th Graders in one of the 6th Grade Zoom Meetings.

    Here are the Zoom details.

    6th Grade Open House 1. 5:40 pm.  https://zoom.us/j/97059086578?pwd=RlZ0L2VJRSttdmpCOU16UkRrUi9qdz09 

    Meeting ID: 970 5908 6578;  Passcode: 4KFXT1 

    6th Grade Open House 2. 6:00 pm.  https://zoom.us/j/98307343072?pwd=U1hDYmpGVVkwUE53SWFscXVHZm5kUT09 

    Meeting ID: 983 0734 3072; Passcode: 9Uhk2w


    Please join us for info about the CAB 2 elective for 7th Graders or the DIT elective for 8th Graders in one of the Electives Zoom Meetings.

    Here are the Zoom details.

    Click on the link below to join us.

    Join the 5:40 meeting:


    Meeting ID: 885 5389 3995

    Passcode: MUwtH3


    Join the 6:00 meeting:


    Meeting ID: 857 3672 3382

    Passcode: E2i8Na

    Hello Cougar Families!

    Welcome back to the 2020-21 School Year! This will be an exciting year enriched with technology. We will be utilizing the Microsoft Office365 TEAMS ap with Class Notebooks (also a Microsoft Office365 ap). Using these platforms will be a fantastic way to prepare our students with future employment skills. In the Business program (CAB1,2,3, and DIT) we delve into the Microsoft Suite- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and learn how to use these tools in conjunction with a professional needs. We will also be practicing Soft Skills and learning bout professional expectations at work.

    Please click the link below for the class you are in this semester to find the Syllabus and Expectation Guide. Understandably, a learning curve is to be expected for our MCPSOnline learners, but together we will succeed in our studies. I am open for collaboration and here to support our students and families as we navigate the new (hopefully temporary!) norm.  Teamwork makes the Dream Work!! 

    Computer Applications in Business (CAB)1 -6th Graders

    Computer Applications in Business (CAB)2 -7th Graders

    Digital Information Technology (DIT) -8th Graders 

     I am very much looking forward to meeting all the new faces in the classroom and virtually, and welcoming back our kiddos from last year! 


    Virtual Open House Info October 202020

    6th Grade Open House 1. 5:40 pm.  https://zoom.us/j/97059086578?pwd=RlZ0L2VJRSttdmpCOU16UkRrUi9qdz09 Meeting ID: 970 5908 6578;  Passcode: 4KFXT1 

    6th Grade Open House 2. 6:00 pm.  https://zoom.us/j/98307343072?pwd=U1hDYmpGVVkwUE53SWFscXVHZm5kUT09 Meeting ID: 983 0734 3072Passcode: 9Uhk2w


    MyMarionPortal  Here is a quick link to the Portal to access Student Info, Skyward, and Office365-email, TEAMS, Class Notebooks, etc.

    Marion County Public Schools may record online classroom sessions utilizing third-party platforms (Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.).  These recordings will only be used for educational purposes and may be shared on other learning platforms.  If you do not want your child’s image or identifying information recorded, utilize your device/platform controls to stop the camera feed from your device.

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