golden rule


    Respect is important for a society to function. 

    Students will collaborate with each other several times during the year.  

    All of us will:

    • Respect others when they are speaking by giving them our attention.
    • Respect others by keeping hands, feet, and objects off each other.
    • We will all THINK when working and communicating with others.


    • T: is it True
    • H: is it Helpful
    • I: is it Important
    • N: is it necessary
    • K: is it Kind


    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. I understand that many of you will start school traditional in class setting and several other students will start the school year online. I’m happy to work with all my students and hope to have a fun and educational year. 


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    Message from Mrs. George-Carreras




    Esther George-Carreras


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