• FMS Virtual Open House Zoom Meetings - 10/20/2020

    For All Eigth Graders:

    Topic: 8th Grade Virtual Open House

    Time: Oct 20, 2020 05:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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    Meeting ID: 876 1097 6916

    Passcode: LFzj58

    Dear Parents and Students:
    I’d like to welcome you back to Fort McCoy School and wish everyone a great school year.
    Through the myriad readings of fiction and non-fiction texts, we will spotlight different units of
    study each marking period. The units will be: narrative, argumentative, response to literature,
    and the informational which will focus on various problem-based learning tasks. The readings
    will expose you to different values and ways of life. This will hopefully lead you to question
    things you have never questioned before, and ultimately lead you to see the world and yourself in
    a new way.
    You will hear a couple of important acronyms thought out the year. The first is AEIOU, these are
    our classroom norms. That is to say the expectations of what the students will do to increase their
    A – Ask Questions
    E – Engage Fully
    I - Integrate new information
    O – Open your mind to diverse views
    U – Utilize what you learn
    The second is WICOR. These are learning strategies that will be used throughout the year. Every
    lesson will utilize at least one of these.
    W – Writing
    I – Inquiry
    C – Collaboration
    O – Organization
    R - Reading
    You will need the following supplies for class:
    1) A 100 page composition book to be used as the students Interactive Notebook (INB)
    2) A book that you are currently reading must be brought to class every day
    3) Pencils --- a lot of pencils
    4) Highlighters
    5) Glue Sticks
    Parents are an important part of their children’s education. It can be difficult with teenagers to get
    them to open up. I will be posting information on my teacher webpage for topics to discuss with
    your kids. Hopefully they will be able to teach you something and this will help them to grow in
    their learning.

    If you need to reach me the best way is through email: benjamin.hilliard@marion.k12.fl.us