• Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. I miss my students so much and welcome you to our new learning environment.  All assignments will be displayed in Google Classroom. Locate the application or website and the class code is: ageop2m Your child can access Google Classroom through their school accounts.  I will also supply a link to assist you.

    Google Classroom

    With the exception of this week, assignments will post FOR THE WEEK, every Sunday.  They are due by the following Sunday, please submit the completed assignment or provide a photo of your work through Google or my school email amber.richardson@marion.k12.fl.us

    I have been calling, texting and emailing parents, I may not have your best point of contact. If you have not heard from me please send me a message with the best email address and phone number to reach you.  I am using Google Voice as my work phone so you may have not recognize the number I am using, (352) 405-2344.

    If you do not have a computer, one can be issued to you from the school.  Guidelines concerning the use of school issued Chromebooks, and disrtibution, will be provided by administration. ONLY YOUR CHILD'S HOMEROOM TEACHER CAN REQUEST CHROMEBOOKS FROM ADMINISTRATION.  Please do not contact the front office or our administration staff at this time in regards to chromebooks.  A list is submitted to Dr. Soto.  She will contact you when to pick up your chromebook. You will be contacted between April 1 -April 6th.  There is an option to purchase insurance for the chromebook for $25.

    Those of you, without highspeed internet, can pick up weekly packets every Monday from the front door of teh school.  There will be a table out front and work is organized in folders under my name.  The packets are uniform throughout 4th grade, so the same work will be given to all students.  Completed work can be photographed using a cell phone and sent to my email.  It's very simple, take a picture of every page and upload it to my email account.  Once you have done it the first time my name will pop up automatically from that point on. 

    Zoom will be used for face-to-face teaching opportunities.  There will be several sessions every week, dates and times will be posted on this webpage and our Google Classroom.  You will also recieve an e-vite with the access point.


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    According to county guidelines, each week you will be responsible for 3 independent tasks in ELA and Math, 1 Science and Social Studies lesson, in addition, 45 minutes of i-Ready in BOTH Math and Reading (92 minutes), plus 20 minutes of Silent Sustained Reading daily. April 1-3 is an exception!

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    OFFICE HOURS:  9-10 and 1-2 daily

    This time is allotted to communicate between home and school.  All emails, texts and phone calls will be returned within a 24 hour period during my office hours.

    My work day is 8-2

    During this time I will meet one-on-one with students, small group lessons and whole group presentations using Zoom, DONT BE INTIMIDATED! I can also text back and forth with students in real time through Google Classroom to help them with their work.

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  • All assignments are graded and placed in the gradebook (Skyward) so please complete and turn in all your work.

    Do your best, take your time and "show what you know."

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    1. One large spiral notebook
    2. pencils
    3. a yellow crayon or yellow colored pencil
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