• UPDATED AGAIN!!!!!! We are having issues with google but are in the process of figuring these problems out. In the mean time, All culinary students must go to Servsafe.com and start and create an account for food handler. Even if you are planning on taking the managment exam. Take the practice exam so we can figure out what material needs focus. Thank you for your patience.

    Culinary 1-4 Make sure you sign up using the right code!  Sign out of all google accounts at home and sign in through your school portal and select join a class. Only your school email will work. Each number is your class period followed by the code you need to join my class. If you are in Adamics class go to his teacher page for his codes. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    The purpose of these three day is to get everyone signed up and going. We are going to concentrate on certifications for these last couple weeks and it's our hope to have you ready for a certification test and we are figuring on how to do demonstration videos. This is new for all of us so let's have patience.



  • Students,

    Please be patient while we work on assignments and videos. Please look at my page for updates.


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