Mr. Joshua M. Du Pré - (352) 235-9797

  • Office Hours9am-10am & 1pm-2pm ; But you can contact me from roughly 8am-5pm or later if needed Monday- FridayI'm here for you.  



    • (352)235-9797
    • kids have direct access to me through Google Classroom 
    • parents through Class Dojo
    • Discord - FxnxQKY


    Date Range: April 2020


    Topics: Here you will see what is expected of you weekly. To begin, I hope you are doing well and have had plenty of rest. Just because you are not in my classroom, doesn't mean we're done. I'm hoping we can shift gears a little bit, and while doing some more writing, you will be able to do it through Google Docs, as well as perhaps doing a book report or two. 

              In regards to Social Studies, you will only have to do the Think and Review questions per week that will be posed through the Google Classrooms that you're already in. You will have access to Studies Weekly which will help you complete these questions. 


    Contact: I will be working from home and have no problem giving you a call whenever you need help with something, however e-mail will always be the best method. Class Dojo is also an option, so if your parents need clarification, they can contact me through there. As also posted, I'm trying to setup Zoom (which is an professional looking program), as well as a gamer oriented voice-phone lobby app that can be used on your child's phone called Discord (