• I will be using google classroom for the distance learning portion of this year. With that being said it will work best if you have google chrome downloaded and use that as your browser. I also teach 12 classes so make sure you are picking the right period as well as the right class on the access code. If you need to get ahold of me right away please feel free to join my remind by texting 81010 and sending the message @keeferag. If you don't have access to remind you can always email me at rebecca.keefer@marion.k12.fl.us. 

    Students will be required to do a daily quiz for attendance purpose and must be completed by 9:30 AM. These quizess will be starting 4/1/2020 and will be conducted Monday through Friday. 

    Access codes for Keefer's google classrooms are as follwed: 

    1st period: 

    • Advanced Concepts- vnehqci
    • Ag Tech 2- 3awkpdd

    2nd period:

    • Advanced Cocepts- coaiql2
    • Ag Foundations- 6ktmtem

    3rd period: 

    • Ag Foundations- jdn2fvd

    4th Period:

    • Ag tech 1- hjzym36
    • Ag tech 2- ylbyeb6

    5th period:

    • Ag Foundations- lcygsh3
    • Ag tech 2- stomkvy

    6th period: 

    • Ag foundations- ow5k2mt
    • Ag tech 1- v4owi3d
    • Ag tech 2- rvoxmhp