This year, both my 6th and 7th graders will be utilizing Microsoft Teams.  In Microsoft Teams, students will be able to receive direct instruction, attend virtual meetings, complete assignments, maintain an interactive notebook and have access to an abundance of other helpful resources and materials.


    How do I get to Teams?

    Step 1: To access this resource, students must first log into their portal. (6th grade will access TEAMS in the classroom; 7th grade will access via distance learning).

    Step 2: After logging into their portal, students will need to click on the "Office365" icon.

    Office 365

    Step 3: Students need to click on the Teams icon.


    Step 4: Students will need to find this class (Mrs. Robles, English Language Arts) and click on the correct Team.

    Step 5: Students are now inside of their assigned Team. 


    Please click on the following links for a brief introduction:




    Stay tuned for future updates!