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    Belleview Business, Management and Administration 


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     COURSE Offerings:

    Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurial Principles


            The BHS Business, Management and Admistration  Department continues to expand offerings due to student demand. Our Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurial program of study appeals to all students across the Four E's (Enroll, Enlist, Employ and Entrepreneurship) spectrum. No matter the place or time we find ourselves in, we are all affected by Marketing in virtually all areas of our business and professional lives. Belleview is fortunate to conduct the only Marketing program in Marion County. Our progression from Marketing Essentials through Business Ownership provides students with real world experiences, financial management principles, communication and persuasion skills to go along with practice in developing target markets, buyer personas, product and service development and pricing strategies. We find students working most often in small groups developing and presenting products and services using marketing techniques found in real world research and development. 

             Students engage in the important practice of researching and planning a marketing campaign. These campaign principles are often applied to  include college applications, job applications, job promotions and business ownership. It is estimated that people now spend 40% of their time persuading others at work as we devote 24 minutes of every hour "moving people" towards a collaborative way of thinking and acting. ( To Sell is Human:The Surprising Truth of Moving Others; Pink)

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    VyStar Internship Opportunity

                Belleview High School provides a truly one of a kind opportunity to learn and earn at the same time.  BHS has been honored to be the only school in Marion County with a fully functioning credit union open to students and staff. The Belleview High School VyStar Branch is operated and managed by BHS Students. The Student Manager Internship opportunity provides the students with paid training, paid shadowing, course credit and opportunities to earn more by working at the Ocala VyStar Branch.  Students have made hundreds of presentations annually on different financial literacy topics to other students and teachers during the class day. The school branch has been outfitted with the newest technology funded through the ever-expanding VyStar family of Credit Unions.Students get paid to work with banking and finance professionals during holidays, summer break and weekends at the Ocala Branch. All interns will undergo a professional interview process that will hone the interviewing skills for current and future job interviews. 

               Please contact Mr. Cubit with any questions you may have using the numbers above.