• Hello,

    This is going to be the information page for Ms. Kirby's class. Parents can send me photos of their student's work by using the Class Dojo app. That will be how I get my grades and my attendence. You can print most of the resources. I'm very excited to beginning this journey with you. I miss all my students. If you need me you can call me or text me at (352)559-5839.

    Wish us luck, 

    Ms. Kirby


    Distance learning on the Computer

    Desktop portal website: 


    You will need to have 45 minutes of I-Ready Reading and Math every week. 

    You will need to read one MyOn Book related to social studies and read one book related to science. 

    Teach my Monster to read- They can play that whenever they want. Website: 


    Logging into any of the programs will count for attendence and grades. 

    If you don't have digitial access, you can pick up packets every wednesday from 10am-5pm. You need to send me photos of the worksheets, so your student has grades. 



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