• Hi Harbour View family! As we navigate our new "Distance Learning" model I know we will work together to figure it all out in these new and sometimes scary times.

    First of all, I hope you are all safe and healthy, that is of the utmost importance to me. 

    I will be available by email to start and very shortly by phone. My email remains debra.petersen@marion.k12.fl.us

    My "office hours" will be everyday between 9 and 10 AM and 1-2 PM. It is during these times I will be fully available to answer questions, address concerns, offer support, etc.

    Please check the Assignment page on Monday mornings and periodically throughout the week. I am in the process of figuring out how you can best get finished work back to me for grading.

    If you need a Chromebook in order to access material and programs like iReady and MyOn please let me know asap and I will make sure you will be able to pick one up from the front office at school.

    I have every confidence that despite the new challenges we will figure it out together. We've had a pretty successful year so far, we are a resilient group and I know we are completely up to any new challenges. 

    I will begin adding assignments starting 4/1. Please do not get stressed out, we are probably all a little cabin-fevery so please use my deeply held philosophy to pick your battles. Remember I'm here for support.

    The most important thing is that we remain safe, stay at home as much as possible, and let's keep those hands nice and clean!

    Please let your precious kiddos know that I love and miss them, I think of them all the time, and I will do my very best to keep them on track.


  • Well, here we are...last week of school!

    I know this year was pretty strange especially since we got

    sidelined by the Covid-19 crisis but we made it through!

    The important part is to stay safe and healthy!

    There will be a couple of Language Arts lessons and Math

    lessons, one last Social-Emotional lesson, and one last

    Science review. Try to use this week and next Monday

    (LAST DAY!!!) to finish up assignments and get them

    to me for grading. 

    I hope to see the 5th Graders at Graduation, remember

    it's 1pm on Thursday in the car line. We are asking

    everyone to remain in vehicles for the safety of all!

    I hope you all have a great summer!

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  • As this topsy turvy year comes to a close I have some important dates to share with you.

    It's my hope that your families are safe and healthy through the summer.

    Ms. M and I miss you all very much. We hope you enjoy your summer break and hope to see many of you again in August.

    For our graduating 5th graders, my heart is heavy knowing that I won't see you take your 5th grade parade walk around the school corridors or walk across the stage at graduation. More than anything I'll miss waving and cheering as your buses drive away on the last day of school. You boys mean a great deal to me and I know you will do great in Middle School! I hope you stop by for a visit next year!

    Now for the dates you should know:

    This Tuesday 5/19 Yearbooks will be available at school from 9-10:30 am. They are $20 cash ONLY. 

    5/28 is our 5th Grade Graduation in the car line. Our class will graduate at 1pm. We will hand out all graduation materials along with any belongings that may have been left in the classroom.

    During the graduation ceremony we are asking all participants to remain in their vehicles for the safety of all.

    On 5/28 yearbooks will be available for purchase from 10am-1:30 pm. $20 cash.

    June 1st is the last day for students. 3rd Graders will be able to pick up any belongings left behind from 7:45-10:15. This will be done through the car line. I will be on campus on 5/28 for graduation and to clean the room. I will send an email if I find anything that was left behind.

    June 3rd will be the day to return Chromebooks. This will also be done through the car line from 7:45-10:45 am. Yearbooks will be available for purchase from 9-10:30am.

    Again, I hope you all have a great summer and you stay safe and healthy. Never forget, when it rains, look for rainbows...when it's dark look for stars!!


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  • Hi families! I hope you are all safe and healthy!

    My internet was not working well yesterday, it kept going in and out, so I wasn't able to post assignments.

    The computer overlords can be merciless!

    I'm hoping the issue is resolved.

    There will be new language arts and math assignments today so keep an eye out!!

    Miss your faces!! Stay safe!!


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  • Howdy House Happy Hikers! A bad storm knocked out my internet but I'm back!!

    There will be new assignments today. 

    Stay safe, I hope you are all well!

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  • I saw something that made me think of you guys, I hope you like it too...


    When it rains, look for rainbows

    When it's dark, look for stars


    When times are tough

    When life goes wrong

    Look for rainbows and stars to help you be strong


    You are loved

    You are beautiful

    You are YOU!!


    Miss you all so much!

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  • Howdy Hikers!

    Quick FYI. The social-emotional lessons will represent your Social Studies grade for the 4th Quarter. There will be a new one every Wednesday. 

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  • Hi guys! Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! There are some new assignments posted so please go check those out!

    Ms. M and I miss you guys every day!


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  • Hey you guys! I heard from Ms. M today, she checks in a lot and she wanted me to let you all know that she misses you guys so much!! We both can't wait until we're all together again!

    Stay safe! 

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  • Alright you guys, I am making every attempt to set up Google Classroom and the machines are working against me. I am going to continue to try and get it functioning over the weekend but I'm prepared to go to Plan B. 

    Keep an eye on the announcements space, I'll keep you all updated. 

    Remember, staying safe and taking care of each other is the most important thing right now. 

    Be well! 

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  • Hi everyone! Don't forget to go to Coach Emmerich's page for P.E. assignments, Ms. Dorsey's page for Art assignments, and Mrs. Lewis's page for Music assignments!!

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  • I have added the link to Read Naturally on the assignment page. It is the program we use to help improve reading skills.

    There will be more to come!

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