• May 22 - June 1, 2020


    I have been checking your progress.  I'm so proud of the effort and success you have achieved. 


    Students need to successfully complete 3 assignments  in reading and in math . These can be a mix of I-ready (math and reading), ReadWorks (reading) and the Kahn Academy (math). They also need to complete 1 Social Studies Weekly activity and 1 Science Weekly Activity. Here's  our resources:

    Read works - Complete one article with questions

    I-Ready - Strive to pass 3 lessons in I-Ready Reading and I-Ready Math

    Kahn Academy-  Continue Data

    Social Studies Weekly - Compare Veteran's Day and Memorial Day

    Science Weekly - This Week our topic is " Technology"


    Note to Parents:

    Parents, your student can access their login time and the lessons they have passed on I-Ready. Their goal is to pass 3 lessons every week. I-Ready is individualized to your student, so it adjusts to your student's performance.  

    Stay safe and let's continue learning!

    Mrs. Smith





  • Social Studies:

    Levels of Government  is our topic this weeek. Read the section about "Veterans " and answer the questions.  Think about how "Veterans Day" is similiar to "Memorial Day.




  • Math:

    Khan Academy


    We will be using the Kahn Academy website and I-Ready math

    For Kahn:

    Our class code is EWPCGKEP

    I have entered your names, when you visit the site you can find your name and use your Marion County password. 

    Activities have been assigned to you on the website - we will continue to work on data. 

    The videos on Kahn are excellent. 

    This website will bump you up in levels as you show proficiency.


    For I-Ready Math:

    Remember I want to see passed lessons - not just minutes

    When you have passed 3 lessons you may logon to Prodigy.





    Visit: Read Works Website

    Enter Class Code: 7GMFVR

    Enter the default password: 1234

    You have the option to change to your Marion county password when you login


    Choose I- Ready or an article from ReadWorks. Your Goal is to pass 3 reading lessons a week. YOU CAN DO IT!

    You may pick any article of the day that I have assigned. Write your assignments on the ReadWorks.org site by clicking on the open book and typing there. I will be able to read your answers.

    I have also opened the library on ReadWorks - please read 20 minutes a day

  • Science:

    Marion County Public School


    Earth - Space Science

     Week 18 " Learn about  the changes in technology in the last 100 years."