•       Hello everybody, I just wanted to say thank you for making sure that your child is getting a quality education. Their sucess is due to the time, care, and love provided by you. I am new to the whole distance learning thing so I ask for your patience and any feedback on how to make your experience easier. I will be posting assignments in the assignments tab sorted by month and week. I will also post a checklist that breaks down the assignments day by day. Please make sure that you keep all assignements organized in folder with your child's name on it. Most assignements should be able to be completed digitally and that cannot be completed digitally will be available on this website to print. Check out the Contact Me tab to find out how to submit these assignments. Please check this website and Class Dojo often for updates.

          If you are unable to print the documents or need help/expalnations please contact me through dojo and I will do my best to resolve the issue. Check out the Contact Me Tab to see my email adress and my google voice number.  

           Everybody please stay safe during the current crisis. To my students, I miss all of you and look foward seeing you again soon.

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