• Love to Read


    Dear Students and Parents 

    Welcome To fifth grade MCPS Online. i will be your teacher for ELA (Reading and writing) and social studies.

    this year we will begin a new journey of distance learning that will allow us to work apart and yet still learn and enjoy our wonderful time together. 

    I will be posting all the announcements for our classroom on this website and also using microsoft team as our platform to communicate, teach, and  collect all your work.  It is going to be amazing !! Class Dojo is our form of communication and I will be posting impotant Information there all the time.  Parents if you need to contact me Dojo is the easiest and fastes way to do so. 

    please remember that we are all new to this new type of distance learning and we need to support each other all the time. 


     Parents please fill out the Student Information sheet by clicking this link: student information sheet

    I can't wait to meet you 



    Educator of amazing students